We are a 501c3, focused on connecting & Building Young Men (Young Kings) by providing educational opportunities through academic instruction, life skills, social/emotional learning, relationship building & career exploration.  We foster learning and empowerment by providing leadership development programs, promoting artist expression as well as healthy lifestyles via 5 protective factors (mental health).


Our Vision:

We commit to providing quality service to our youth and their families!

We promise to always provide youth with trusted adults!

We promise to support families with regards to mental health!

We promise to engage, promote and expose students to art, theater & music!

We promise to remain constant and have a visible presence!

We promise to partner with community organizations and schools to serve our students!

We promise to use technology as a viable tool in order to communicate with our students!

We promise to work with local & national agencies to close the mentoring gap!

We promise to work diligently with the city to decrease the number of disconnected youth!


Bonding Approved