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2650 East 40th Ave 
Denver, CO 80205
303-293-5939 ext 6










NAICS Code(s):

541330, 334513, 423610, 541512, 541690, 611430, 811219

Business Description

SEGRITY provides worldwide engineering consulting services to the hydroelectric power generation industry focusing on clients who have existing hydro power generation and SCADA assets.

By empowering users with the knowledge and skills to maintain their own hydro assets, SEGRITY designs a holistic, reliable, easy to use solutions enabling the provision of cost effective hydro power.

SEGRITY�۪s vision is to allow owners of hydro power systems to have best in class solutions that perfectly fit their needs.

SEGRITY understands electric power generation and the critical nature of having a system that is reliable and efficient.

Our clients know that the service offered is based on integrity and professionalism. It�۪s in our company name, SEGRITY: SErvices with InteGRITY.

Our clients trust us to evaluate their control systems and to develop creative, modern and reliable alternative solutions that are customized and tailored to their specific needs.

Clients also purchase specialized electric power generation products, hydraulic manifolds, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), electrical control cabinets, conversion kits and control system operator training from us.

1. Hydro / SCADA Consulting Engineering and Project Management Services
2. System Design and Implementation
3. Woodward Governor Support and Maintenance
4. PLC Based Hydro Governors and Control Systems Hardware, Development and Support
5. Control System, HMI and SCADA Lifecycle Support and Maintenance
6. Control System Panel Design
7. Specification Writing
8. Control System Training (General and Site Specific)
9. Specialized Hydro Products (we resell Hydro Turbine Governors, Genuine OEM Woodward parts)
10. Control System Software Licenses (reseller)

Together, SEGRITY�۪s personnel has over 100 years of real, hands-on experience from working on sites around the world.

SEGRITY is a minority owned company holding Professional Engineering and Project Management Certifications.

SEGRITY relies on experience working with hydro power generation plant specific nuances and hands-on experience with Woodward mechanical/digital systems.

SEGRITY offers a holistic approach to support clients�۪ existing systems and the ability to evaluate them and develop modern alternative solutions that are affordable.

SEGRITY�۪s clients represent a wide range of private corporations, state agencies, and government-owned power producers in the United States:

�ۢ Avista
�ۢ Alaska Energy Authority
�ۢ Bureau of Indian Affairs
�ۢ Colorado Springs Utilities
�ۢ Ethos Energy
�ۢ General Electric (GE)
�ۢ Nevada Irrigation District
�ۢ Northern California Power Agency
�ۢ Protrans USA
�ۢ South East Alaska Power Agency (SEAPA)
�ۢ Snohomish County Public Utility District
�ۢ Tri-Dam Project
�ۢ Turlock Irrigation District

SEGRITY also serve clients in Australia, Canada and Singapore.

We invite you to look around our website to see the Services and Products we offer. While you�۪re at it, review our company page to learn why we are your best partner for hydro power.

We welcome visits to our Engineering office located in the Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc. building at 2650 E. 40th Ave. Denver, CO 80205.

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